Two of the greatest friends recruit to fill last spots

Today, both Hugh Hewitt and Bob Shank, both Wild Adventure Alumni notified the public in their sphere of influence about the last six open spots for the Wild Adventure.

Now we are down to five openings:

  • July 9-14 ~ 1 opening
  • August 13-18 ~ 1 opening
  • September 3-8 ~ 3 openings

As soon as Hugh Hewitt’s broadcast went out (click below to listen to the radio spot), one listener signed up immediately.


Bob’s email, titled, “Time for a field check?”, arrived early in mailboxes. To read it, click here.

One thought on “Two of the greatest friends recruit to fill last spots

  1. I’m a “Hugh Hewitt baby” like so many others! Born into the TWA circle of friends back in 2014 when after years of listening to Hugh, I finally caught Jan’s GROUNDHOG DAY show and was instantly taken aback by everything I heard. Listening to an hour’s worth of guys calling in to the show and being STUNNED to hear other men speaking about things that resonated so deeply with me, just like me, sounded like me. As I drove to work listening to it all, I knew I had to be part of all this and check it out. Months later, there I was sitting around a fire in Montana, as beautiful as it could possibly get, after a fantastic meal, having a few drinks, enjoying the absence of noise from everyday life. Listening to other guys talk about real stuff, and enjoying a genuine conversation about things that were truly important.
    I can’t say enough great things about this experience. But if your’e reading this and mulling it over, you’re likely the very person that should go. It’s a life changer and that clarity and purpose of many things in your life will become very clear to you. Don’t hesitate, take the plunge and sign up. The reward awaits you.

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