TWA TV Moved to Podcast Site

With the movement of the modern era to now include video and audio in podcasts sites, The Wild Adventure has moved its video series to the Wild Adventure podcast site. Blog posts will still be kept on blog.twa.us but all future video podcasts and audio podcasts will only be posted on the Wild Adventure’s podcast […]

Hugh Hewitt Radio Spots

The following are radio spots heard on the Hugh Hewitt Show: Aired July 11, 2022 Aired July 12, 2022 Aired July 14, 2022 Aired July 18, 2022 Aired July 20, 2022 Aired July 25, 2022 Aired July 26, 2022 Aired August 1, 2022 Aired August 5, 2022 Aired August 8, 2022 Aired August 11, 2022 […]

groundhog day

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day, 2022! First we want to give HUGH HEWITT, a great guy, and his staff, a huge big thank you! Today, the Hugh Hewitt Show gave us six, yes, 6, embeds in today’s program for TWA Young Guns trips! How cool and what a friend to the Wild Adventure and great guy! Take […]