4 thoughts on “TWA TV Episode 1

  1. THANK YOU for doing this because we can capture things we missed or forgot tho we were there! Looking forward to Johns talk about Jesus personality on Saturday morning!

  2. This is a great new resource! Loved the ‘Jan’ Walking bit! It was great live but even better relived here. Excited for the wonderful content that I know will come out of this.

  3. Thanks Jan for doing this ‘recap’ as its such a treat. I’ll look forward to listening again (and again and again) to John’s words of wisdom. His presence that weekend was a big surprise, a treat for all of us. The 2022 Reunion will long be remembered!

  4. Thank you to all the hard work that you all did to put this great weekend together for us. The honest and powerful content delivered by Jan, John, Bruce and Dr. Fauci’s relative was absolutely powerful. God Bless all the men and thank you to Jesus’ for already conquering this Knarly World we live in.

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