Smith River Slide Show

Smith River

Please watch this recently produced slide show by Eric Figge who enjoyed the Smith River Beyond Wild Adventure trip. See why it was such a fantastic and oustanding fishing trip:

If you have not been on a Wild Adventure, please go to and see why Jan Janura says TCBTGWOYL!

2 thoughts on “Smith River Slide Show

  1. Went last year with 4 friends and 8 others who knew my friends. One of the most beautiful floats I have done, spectacular scenery with camp sites well placed for the vistas we enjoyed. We went mid-July, warm and water getting low making fishing difficult and challenging but scenery and comradery made it a definite bucket list trip.

    Doesn’t compare to TWA and isn’t meant to, the gift of the property and vision of Jan and Carol for the week I was blessed to attend is indescribeable. Such a gift for all attendees. Thank you and God bless you for your gift.

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