Hugh Hewitt Promotes the Wild Adventure

Hugh Jan

We are grateful to Hugh Hewitt and his organization that has promoted The Wild Adventure trips today and over the years.

Hugh Hewitt mentioned The Wild Adventure again this morning on the Hugh Hewitt show.  We’ve included the clip. This sound bite aired at 7:24 AM EST today, January 31, 2019.

Please use the player below to listen:

One thought on “Hugh Hewitt Promotes the Wild Adventure

  1. This pic was taken just last weekend at the 2019 TWA Reunion in Long Beach, where Hugh was a guest speaker. Another great visit by Hugh and always entertaining. The reunion event was another smash hit! Guys from all over the country dropped in for a quick weekend to see their old TWA friends, make new connections with other TWA guests, and enjoy an awesome time having important conversations about substantive things in their lives. This years gathering spot was an excellent choice meeting at the Rolling Hills Country Club. Great food, drinks, the set-up, and the incredible view and their fire pit made the gathering a great success. Of course, YES, they played a little golf too!

    I can’t wait until this summer, to get back up to Montana and the Smiling Moose Lodge!

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