A Great Wild Adventure Season at Rainbow Lake Lodge

rainbow lake

August is here, already, which means another great season of the Young Guns Wild Adventure at Rainbow Lake Lodge has come to a close.

And, yes, the Rainbow Trout are happy about that!

The work crew, wingman, and conveners did a fantastic job this summer. This year we upgraded the fire pit among the cabins,  updated a couple frontier cabins, and created a deck for the tent where the Young Guns eat, all to set the table for a distraction free setting for these guys to think about the big questions in life.

Here is a quick recap of last week’s Young Guns trip by the Convener, Bruce Osgood:

We just finished an unbelievably great week at The Rainbow Lodge with a group of very enthusiastic Young Guns. Nine men from all over the country who came together – quickly bonding like few groups I have seen. God showed up BIG TIME (when doesn’t He?) and guys were honest, deep and serious about pursuing what God might have for them. The depth and level of conversations both during content and around the fire were amazing. These guys were open and willing to listen to each other and to God. I think they were surprised at how clearly God spoke to them and how quickly strangers can become brothers. I was so energized by their enthusiasm and “go for it” attitudes. The fishing was spectacular, the adventure was exciting and God’s push into these guy’s open hearts was off the chart! Thanks for praying for our week!”

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