Smith River

Smith River Slide Show

Please watch this recently produced slide show by Eric Figge who enjoyed the Smith River Beyond Wild Adventure trip. See why it was such a fantastic and oustanding fishing trip: If you have not been on a Wild Adventure, please go to and see why Jan Janura says TCBTGWOYL!

Fisherman’s Checklist: What to Bring on Your First Fly Fishing Trip

Every summer, a group of men sign up to attend a unique fly fishing experience at my ranch in Montana. Aptly called The Wild Adventure, this is a great opportunity for the group to explore 1,100 acres of wilderness, fish on the Upper Madison, and participating in authentic conversations about life’s big issues. TWA welcomes […]

week 1

TWA Week 7 Video

We have another video put together from guys from The Wild Adventure Week 7. Watch it and hear what these guys thought of the Wild Adventure. If you have not been on a Wild Adventure, please go to and see why Jan Janura says TCBTGWOYL!

Fly Fishing Around the World: Top Destinations for Anglers

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of our surroundings, to be consumed by the daily tasks and responsibilities that demand the focus of our attention. Spending too long in this bubble day in and day out can be both mentally and physically draining. Our minds and bodies crave tranquility and rejuvenation, planting […]

summer 2018

Off to a great summer!

I had the privilege of saying hello to the Wild Adventure men’s group when they arrived at the ranch this week… and here is a picture of us together! What a great group of guys! If you want to get some of your friends on one of these weeks, give them a copy of one […]

cold one

Snow came early

The snow came early at Smiling Moose Lodge, even before the last day of summer arrived! What made this summer fantastic was the service of ALL of our alumni work crews! Participants have reported to be grateful recipients of all of their hard work, adding to their ability to rest in the Montana wilderness. I […]

w 3

Wild Women Week

August 15-20 is a gathering of great women (women only), the occasional glass of red wine, and some conversations about the big issues of life…  Also there’s fly fishing. To learn more go to:  


Military Week in 2018

Registration for this trip week is restricted to those currently serving or veterans of the military. We are putting together a trip in 2018 for five days-five nights, a fly fishing adventure for military – those both currently serving and veterans of the military will be welcome to register. If you have want to register […]

For the past 34 years

For the past 34 years, I have been putting together these men’s fly fishing adventures. I love the sport and the magnificent locations….but the best part of these trips by everyone’s unanimous opinion, are the deep and significant conversations that take place and the sharing of our life stories with one another!