For the past 34 years

For the past 34 years, I have been putting together these men’s fly fishing adventures. I love the sport and the magnificent locations…but the best part of these trips by everyone’s unanimous opinion, are the deep and significant conversations that take place and the sharing of our life stories with one another!

Before the trip, everyone reads the book WILD AT HEART by John Eldredge; we use it to launch our daily discussions…and they are a BIG part of this great adventure! We have conversations about all the significant and important issues of life…and about God…but don’t worry, this isn’t a Bible study…or the corner church’s men’s weekend retreat…no, it’s the real deal…rough, wild and totally authentic!…and like almost everybody who has been on one of these Adventures…you will say that it was one of the great experiences of your life!

We stay at a privately owned 1,100 acre ranch wilderness preserve right on the Madison River! …this magnificent property is on a mile and a half of the river and has three private lakes. We float the river two days & fish private lakes two days with the top professional guides from the area …and when we return home each evening our Cordon Bleu trained Wild Chef, will have a tremendous dinner waiting for us! Trust me …it doesn’t get much better than this guys!!!

3 thoughts on “For the past 34 years

  1. Jan, there’s nothing like being in the great outdoors, seeing a trout in the water, and trying to coax it to become your dinner.

  2. The highlight of my summer each year! The first year as a guest was an inspiring, awesome, and unforgettable time. Life changing. I was so moved by the men involved, I felt I had to return, and share in the effort of helping others enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. I returned the next two summers as a “work crew” working behind the scenes in the lodge each day. A whole different experience to be sure. But completely gratifying in that I played a (very) small roll in really impacting a bunch of new guys lives. Now, I’m going back as a wingman and can’t wait to be part of the experience again. Really looking forward to another excellent week at the Smiling Moose Lodge!

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