June 2020 Spots Available

Wild Adventure

If this were a ‘normal’ year, we wouldn’t be asking for your help in May!  Help. We now have a few spots open in June 2020 we need to fill immediately. It could be one of the greatest weeks of a guy’s life, and I would hate to see even one spot remain open.

The Wild Adventure is transformational for guys and our OUTFITTERS can’t wait to get them fishing. What did guys say last summer?

Please review their comments about this phenomenal experience. AND invite guys in your network to go on a Wild Adventure. The openings we are trying to fill as of today are as follows:

June 16-21:  2 openings
June 23-28: 5 openings

Send your friend to this URL to register:

After you do that, if you decide you want to come back in June but are unable to bring someone with you, then you qualify to come back in June!  We will drop the “you can only come back if you bring someone new with you rule”.

I hate to see even one spot go empty! 

Al Bingham

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