Jan Janura on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

hugh hewitt jan janura

Hugh spends the second of three hours with Jan Janura, founder of The Wild Adventure, a men’s fly fishing retreat in Montana, as they talk to alumni of previous trips.

This is a special three hours on Groundhog day where two good friends, talk about The Wild Adventure in studio. During their time together, Jan Janura invites listeners of the Hugh Hewitt show to register online for a Wild Adventure.

To listen to the radio show, go to Hugh Hewitt’s site at:

H2: 02/02/18: The Wild Adventure w/Jan Janura

Hugh Hewitt and Jan Janura have been doing this radio show on Groundhog day since 2011. To listen to the radio show from 201l, go to Hugh Hewitt’s site at:

Hugh With CAbi Clothes’ Jan Janura

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